I’m back…

So yeah, it’s been over a month. Sorry about that, though I’m not sure why I’m apologizing. I just got thrown out of my groove for a while. My husband went out of town, so I was a single mom for a while, then I got sick, and then my whole family took a trip to Indiana to visit family. We’ve been back from our trip for a few weeks now, so I figured it’s finally time to crack open the ol’ lappy and get some writing time in.

If you need any further explanation about my absence, see my post on consistency.

So, Spring has officially arrived. Where I live, this means that it feels like either winter or summer outside. There is no in between when you live in a desert. The biggest problem with this is finding something to wear in the morning. You wake up chilly, throw on some pants and a shirt, and then go out later, wishing you’d opted for capri’s and sandals. And if you’re anything like me, once the temperature gets over 70 degrees, it’s too hot to function, so you just ooze around the house, looking for the shadiest corner.

When summer approaches, I can fully understand why people get seasonal depression. Though, most people feel the onset around October, when it starts to get cold, and clouds reign the sky more often than the sun. I understand not loving the cold grey of winter. I get it. But I was just programmed backwards.

Because the second I see a fly in the house, or sneeze because pollen has invaded the air, or even break out in a shiny little sweat just from walking to the mailbox and back… I get down in the dumps.

Summer and me do not get along.

I swear everything about this season is trying to kill me. And I realize that I’m repeating myself from my Summer vs. Winter post, but please let me rant about it one more time (at least until October, when I tell you all again how much I love fall…).

Pollen tries to kill me. If I miss one dose of allergy medicine, my lungs tighten up faster than a peanut-allergy ridden child, walking into a chocolate factory.* I sneeze so much that my nose is on constant drip-mode. My skin burns and itches if I even so much as TOUCH the grass. I can’t breathe at night while trying to sleep, and so I overuse the Afrin that they tell you NOT to get addicted to.

The sun tries to kill me. It burns my eyes, it burns my skin, it burns the pavement, it burns my car, and then the seat belt burns me too. I swear sunlight weighs a thousand pounds, because as soon as I walk outside, it’s trying to push me down and onto the smoldering pavement. It weighs me down and then sucks out all my energy–SHOOOP–and then I’m left trying to crawl my way back to the house and the AC. Today I went on a walk with my 5yo and briefly spoke to a nice woman who was exulting in the fact that, “the sun is finally out!” She might have given me a slightly weird look when I muttered that I missed the clouds and cold rain.

Bugs might not be trying to kill me, but they make me want to murder. I kid you not, as I sit here writing this, there is a giant horse fly buzzing around my room and dive-bombing my head. I don’t get it, I washed my hair last Friday… So yeah. Bugs have come back through the portal from hell and are trying to infiltrate every aspect of our lives.

Yard work. <These are two of the ugliest words you can say to me. I hate, detest, abhor, loathe, and DESPISE yard work! It’s all the things I hate about summer all rolled into one- sunburn, sneezing, bugs, dirt, spiders… omg, I can’t even.

So yeah. Now that we are heading into everyone’s favorite season! yay!, don’t be surprised if you can’t find me. And if you do find me, I’m probably huddled in the coldest and darkest part of my basement, eating a SnoCone, reading a book and snorting Claritin.

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