Does anyone else ever have a problem with this? Or am I the only wishy washy wacko around here? (I love alliteration)

Some people are amazingly good at this. And I have to wonder–is it something that’s genetic? Or is it behavioral? A bit of both, perhaps?

I’m pretty good at being consistent for a while. In fact, I’ve been eating pretty much the same healthy foods since last November, which is a record for me to stay on a “diet” like that. It’s more of a lifestyle change, though, not diet. At least that’s what I tell myself.

A lot of times, I do great for a while until something comes a long to put a bump in my schedule. I’ve been working out consistently for the past few months!-and then WHAM. I started getting dizzy spells, and then I got allergic to our new dog, and then my stomach started having problems… I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks now. I miss it. But even though I’m starting to feel a little bit better (still waiting on blood work for the dizzy spells, etc), it’s been hard to get my butt back to the gym.

I’ve never had a good relationship with food. In the past, I’ll adhere to a particular diet SO strictly that… as soon as I start losing weight, I think, “oh gee, I’ll reward myself with this ice cream…every day until I gain all my weight back.”
Because for me, SUGAR IS ADDICTING. So I have to stay off of it if I’m to keep any sort of weight off. Which is hard because it tastes so good.

It’s always been hard to stay consistent with my diet. I just really love food! All the food! Except peas, I hate peas. Peas are gross. I’d rather eat calamari…mmmm…calamari…. AHEM.

It’s not just food and exercise that I’ve had trouble being consistent with. Working on my book has been a major one. I write in spurts. I’ll pump out several chapters in one week, and then nothing for a month. I blame part of that on the fact that I’m a busy mom, and writing a novel is way different than sitting down to write a blog post each day. These usually go by pretty quick and come right off the top of my head. Novel writing takes planning, remembering, editing, concentration, etc. I only hope I can stay consistent with my blog. The days I actually do work on my novel are days in which I most likely won’t post on the blog.

I set myself a goal once to get up right when my alarm goes off every day. Studies show that when you’re consistent, you enjoy better health and more productive mornings. But man, oh man, that snooze alarm is my friend. I have a funny relationship with my bed. I LOVE my bed. Love it. I just don’t ever want to go to bed at night. I want to stay up and play! But I can’t. So my bed is the last place I want to go each day (obv.), but it’s also the last place I want to leave in the morning. If I could trade those morning feelings for the night feelings, it would be much easier to get up each day.

I don’t think I’d have such a problem with my own consistency if I wasn’t married to a man who is consistency personified. Holy moly. This man. He wakes up right when his alarm goes off. If he ever does stay in bed, he blames it on me for being “too cuddle-able.” Psh. With diet, with exercise, with goals, this guy is so good at being disciplined. Which makes it so much harder for me to realize how wishy-washy I am.

It used to be harder than it is now. I’ve come to grip with the fact that I’m just more of a chaotic personality. And I don’t mean chaos in a bad way, I mean in a non-organized, I’ll clean the bathroom when it gets dirty, and not on a schedule, way. Sometimes I want some chocolate in the morning. Sometimes I don’t want to do the dishes. And I’ve been through enough of life to realize that it’s not always 100% dire that you follow an extremely strict pattern for your whole life. For me, that = chains. I need the freedom to decide if I want to do something or not.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t get the laundry all done and folded every Monday. I don’t leave my family to eat cold cereal for dinner-ever. I do drink the same shake for breakfast and lunch every day. But those are the things I know I can do.

So maybe being consistent is all about confidence? I know I can pop out a blog post every day, even if it’s like the one I wrote yesterday and doesn’t make much sense. So I do it.

Either way, I think the main thing is not to get too down on myself when I see myself breaking out of the pattern of consistency. I need to make some allowances (healthy ones) for my personality.

Because too much consistency is super boring.

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