Summer vs. Winter

What is it about stormy weather that inspires writers? There’s just something about the rain, a good book, and a cup of your favorite cocoa/coffee/tea. I guess it doesn’t always apply only to writers in this instance.

For me, there’s always been something adventurous and romantic about stormy weather. And I definitely prefer the cold over the heat.

Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who like winter better than summer. I love the white and grey montage outside my windows, the ice cold air that freezes your boogers and makes your cheeks numb. I love seeing snow on the mountains. Before I was married, I would hike in the snowy mountains quite frequently, actually. Especially at night when the moon is bright. It’s so calm and peaceful and magical.

I love wrapping myself up in warm layers or taking a hot bath. Fuzzy blankets and a good book are my kryptonite. During winter, the world is slumbering, renewing itself for a new season of colorful bursts, life, light, and heat. Winter is the yin to summer’s yang. I love winter. I love snowflakes, ice, and rain.

In fact, I heartily enjoy shoveling my driveway in the winter. I had a neighbor tell me once that I was a, “sick woman,” because of how much I enjoy shoveling the driveway. I love playing in the snow with my kids. Instead of snowmen, we build ramps out of the snow and slide down over and over on the little sled. It’s such good, clean, healthy fun.

There’s nothing that can really describe the quiet that befalls the world during a snow storm. Everything is quiet and muted. Serenity personified.

Then there’s summer…

My hay fever is off the charts, which is only one of the many things that make me miserable during the summer. As soon as the grass starts to pollinate, my life is hell. Runny, itchy nose. Swollen lymph nodes, post nasal drip, sneezing, headache, sinus pressure… you name it. Hell.

Then there’s the bugs. I don’t like bugs. Not because they creep me out, but because they’re annoying and some of them bite (mosquitoes are straight from the 7th circle of hell). Spiders enter your house, ants make nests in the cracks of your driveway, flies buzz around your head, dive-bombing you so they can find an opening in which to puke on your skin. Earwigs are just plain nasty. Bugs are gross (ok ladybugs and roly-poly’s are ok…). Hell.

It gets worse. I mentioned in a previous post that my body temperature runs hotter than normal–I’m more often warming my husband’s hands than the visa versa–and in summer, the only way for me to cool off is to spend 100% of my time in the pool. We are lucky to live where there are two pools in our HOA, which has been HUGE for me this last summer in making it less a hell and more of a purgatory.

Everything about summer makes me itch and sweat, sweat and itch. I go out in the sun, and somehow it drains me of all energy. It’s a miracle if I can make it to my car from the grocery store before melting in a puddle of Jenny-goo. My body heats up and I get light headed, dizzy and I can feel my heart thumping through my whole body, just trying to stay alive.

And I live in UTAH, not Arizona. I would die in Arizona. And there are worse places than that! I can’t imagine.

My husband grew up in a small town right smack in the middle of the Gobi desert. He walks outside when it’s 89 degrees and protests that, “it’s nice!”

For me, once it gets above 70 degrees, I’m melting. It’s horrendous.

I know my case is…shall we say, different? Almost everyone I’ve met hates the winter and loves summer. They give me that, “What planet are you from?” look that makes me want to give up and go back to Pluto… But seriously, I don’t understand why people love summer so much, and they definitely don’t get why I prefer ice over grass. Ice doesn’t make me sneeze my face off.

Now here we are, in early March. The weather is slowly climbing up the thermostat, but we (and by that, I mean “I”) are still enjoying the lovely cold rain showers and occasional snow flurry that melts or turns to slush. Everyone else groans when this happens in March, but for me, I just keep saying, “yes…one more storm. One more snowfall. Keep the warmth at bay.”

Inevitably it always comes, summer. And I will invariably suffer through it, just like I always do.

But after that, winter is back. And there ain’t nothing you can do about it.


  1. Claudia March 14, 2019 at 2:38 am

    Jennifer! You write sooo well! AND you are singing my song: I just love the beautiful cool found in the winter months. The cool weather always has brought the best out of me: starting as a little tiny girl in rain boots and mud puddles in front of our home. Today it somehow still feels invigorating to my system to have weather in the 30’s and 40’s; and seems to bring out more creative thinking somehow!! Heck, I was the ONLY middle school teacher who would keep my classroom door open during the rain at lunchtime for the students to congregate. Everyone else thought I was crazy to have the welcome mat out at such a time. I’m not sure why; but somehow cloudy cool weather brings out a better me. I’d like to understand the science of it, actually. But until I do, I’ll simply get under my Minky Couture Christmas gift blanket and ponderize a bit more on the subject. Best winter purchase EVER for this transplanted California girl!

  2. user March 14, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    I love this! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

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