Bath Time

Does anyone else find solace, sanctuary and comfort within the warmth of a hot bath?

Because let’s be honest. If you’re taking a bath for the sake of getting clean, I I can think of a much better and quicker way. Much more sanitary, too.

There are a myriad of reasons why my personal bath time is so important to me. And for some reason, I’ve decided to share them today.

FIRST: To get warm. I rarely take baths in the summer because my personal body temperature runs high already, and it’s almost impossible for me to cool down. Taking a bath in the summer sounds more like torture to me. That’s why we go swimming twice a week.

SECOND: To relax. I lock my door when I’m taking a bath because I have a twelve year old son, and because my kids know that bath time is “Mommy Time.” I always take a book in the bath with me, otherwise it would be boring to just sit in a tub full of sudsy hot water, and it helps calm my nerves and muscles.

THIRD: Pain relief. I have Fibromyalgia, and for anyone else who’s been diagnosed with this, they know that finding pain relief is difficult, especially for those of us who try to avoid too many painkillers. Conventional over-the-counter pain medication does nothing to help my Fibro. I do, on occasion, take a narcotic but those times are few and far between because I have four kids and I need to be present and clear-headed for them. And because I drive a lot. So really, the only time I can logically take a pain pill is when I’m about to go to bed. Hardly makes it worth it. A hot bath filled with Epsom salt, essential oils, or therapeutic bath bombs is a great way to ease my pain. Of course, the feeling wears off after an hour or two of exiting the bath, but I still find it worth the time and wrinkly toes.

Today has been a very cold and emotionally eventful day. We’ve had sad news from a couple different avenues (and this just after having to give up Ares), so I’ve decided to spend the day in fasting and prayer for those who are affected by said difficulties. Fasting makes me cold, especially with the drizzly March rain outside, so there was one reason for me to jump in the tub. Also, I’ve had pain from stress, not a surprise there. And so after exiting my 45 minute long soak, I decided I would write about it.

(I’ll add a disclaimer here that since I’ve been fasting for the day, my brain power is probably down to only 20% its normal capacity. So writing about something as banal as bath time seemed like a safe choice. Sorry if it’s boring, mwahahaha)

Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do for the headache I’ve got pounding between my ears, and now that I’m warm and relaxed, I’m feeling rather sleepy.

I guess I’ll end this particular post with a joke my son told me after school today. It has nothing to do with bath time.

Q: Why did the army get rid of its soldiers and replace them with babies?

…wait for it…

A: Because it needed Infantry.

I know, I know. It’s a real head-slapper, that one.

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