Not a concert fan.

People love concerts. They get excited when their favorite singer or band comes to town. And though I have been to many concerts, they’re not my thing. I’m not sure why.

My first concert was REO Speedwagon, STYX and Journey. I love their music and I guess it was a pretty fun concert, besides the fact that the inebriated guy behind me spilled beer down my back. My mom had bought the tickets when I was around 17 or 18, and I thought sure. It was fun, yeah. But again, for some reason I would rather stay home and listen to their music. Live music is always touted as being some of the best available, so why do I not join the throngs lining up to buy concert tickets?

In addition to that first concert, I’ve also been dragged to Fleetwood Mac, Eisley, John Mayer, Gomez, another STYX, Muse… and I think that’s about it. My father took me to Fleetwood Mac. I enjoyed the music okay, but Stevie Nicks didn’t strike me as much of a performer. Styx would reach out and pull the audience in, involve them and interact with them. Stevie, with her lovely blonde locks, and her Princess Leia face, twirled onstage and generally ignored the audience. Not that I cared much. I was just waiting for it to be over.

My husband took me to see the rest of the concerts. My favorite was always STYX because I love classic rock, it’s what I was raised on, but the others were just okay. The Gomez concert was interesting. There was a huge group of drunk women in the front, laughing boisterously, throwing out the F word, swinging their bras around, and generally making me ashamed of women in general… It was awkward to say the least.

Maybe I’m making judgments. If so, my bad.

I thought maybe I had pinned down the reason I don’t like concerts, and that’s because I don’t like huge crowds. Honestly, who does? Maybe someone, but not I. I don’t think that’s the reason, though, because I have no trouble weaving through the throngs at Disneyland, and I LOVE to go see musicals and plays, like Phantom and Wicked, etc.

Maybe it’s just that I’m not enamored enough with the actual performers, themselves? I don’t care about celebrity. I can’t think of any performer, or group of performers, that I would really love to see in concert. Maybe Enigma? VNV Nation? Nah. Linkin Park perhaps.

Maybe it’s because I’m cheap. I look at concert ticket prices, and I think, “eh, not worth it.” A friend of mine pointed out that Dave Matthews is coming here in August, and thought I might like to purchase tickets. I think it’s cool that they’re coming, and I made sure my other DM fans friends knew about it, but I don’t really see myself going. I didn’t even look up seat prices.

Ooh, when I was younger, I was dying to go see New Kids on the Block. But my parents couldn’t afford tickets, so they were nice enough to record their concert on tape for me, and I watched it over and over. I even took it to a friend’s birthday party with me so we could all geek out together (keep in mind, I was in 3rd grade), but my friend’s mom was aghast at the idea. She finally gave permission to her begging daughter for us to watch it… until I pointed out that you could see Donny’s underwear at one point, and the mom promptly clicked it off. Hahahaa, I was probably a bad example, I guess.

My husband is a musician, and he loves live music, but I think he’s come to realize that it’s not my pb&j. He doesn’t take me to concerts anymore, he invites his brothers, whose musical tastes definitely coincide better with his own (re:above John Mayer and Gomez). I don’t see my honey taking me to a Linkin Park concert (which I would have said yes to, before poor Chester decided he was done), so we have a fine mutual understanding.

After he dragged me to see Gomez, though, I would think he owes me a ticket to Linkin Park, at the least.

I guess it’s just a personality quirk of mine. I don’t like concerts, and that’s okay. I’m happy for those of you that do.

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