My Poetry Board

My younger brother made this, and I love it.

Last April, around Easter, I drove to California with my sister-in-law to visit her sister. We took her 3 young sons, and my youngest daughter, who was 4 at the time. We stayed with my husband’s sister and her boyfriend in the little Mojave desert town called Ridgecrest, where my husband had grown up.

It was a really nice week, to say the least. It ranks in one of my top 5 vacations because it was fun and easygoing and restful. I loved hanging out with my sisters-in-law and the kids.

On the fridge in her kitchen, my s-i-l had dozens of these little magnetic words. I’m sure you’ve seen the like before. She had a few little soothes and small sayings on them. One of my favorites was, “Shudder woman, cry, but live with thunder.”

I spent hours in front of her fridge that week, making little poems and funny sayings. I took a couple pictures of the things I made, but they’re now resting on my PC, while I write this on my laptop.

…dragons. You can’t see the s.

My s-i-l took us to a little bookstore in town where she had bought the magnetic words. They’re called Poetry boxes, or something like that. I bought three- and each one had a theme. I got Jane Austen, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Unicorns. I was very excited to come home and try out my own new words. It’s a fun and creative activity.

By the way, the bookstore she took us to was one of the best ones I’ve ever been into. It was a hippie-reader’s dream come true.

Anyway, when I returned home, I went to the store and bought a large whiteboard for my new magnets. It’s resting on the floor in my bedroom right now, and sometimes I like to sit in front of it and just play with the words, making funny or poetic little sayings. One day, I even composed an entire poem.

Whereas the little magnets on my sister’s fridge were in a slapdash and random order, I decided to organize my words in alphabetical order, by nouns, pronouns, verbs, etc. I think it was a mistake to tidy it up that way, because now I have a hard time creating soothes anymore. I don’t want to mess up the order that I have created.

You can see where my 5yo wrote her name in permanent marker…

Sounds lame, right? Yeah, it is.

Still, it’s fun to sit down in front of it and just come up with stuff.

It can be fun and thought-provoking. A small creative outlet, if you will. Even my kids get into it. My 7yo daughter did the following-

I’m not sure what is so deep, but I thought it was very cute and endearing, so I saved it.

Some day, maybe I’ll get the chance to buy more boxes with new words. Right now, I’m happy with my purchase and all the fun it brings to me.